"The world is becoming better "
Solo exhibition @ The Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery
9-24th June, 2006



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Bottom Stalagtite


Mezzanine level

. . .




Drip & Igloomioco

Drip is an installation covering the mezzanine level of the gallery and, as the title would suggest, dripping down to the ground floor. The work is not completely a stand-alone piece, but was made to bring together other artworks within the exhibition, particularly igloomioco, and is viewed as an integral piece of that work.

Igloomioco is constructed from around eighty blocks, each made from a sheet of folded A4 paper. The internal supports which hold the blocks in place can be seen through the doorway

Together the two works form a habitat; a landscape and dwelling within which the mythological artist roams and lives. (see press release)


Text: Sandy Smith, 2006