"The world is becoming better "
Solo exhibition @ The Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery
9-24th June, 2006



“The world is becoming better”
Sandy Smith

Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery
144 Bridgegate
10-24th June 2006
Opening: 9th June, 7-9pm


On May 28th 1920 a young newspaper, The Daily Express, ran with the headline "The world is becoming better." A phrase as beautiful in its optimism as it is aggressively simple-minded in its deliberate dismissal of history, it is reused here as the title for Sandy Smith's first solo exhibition.

Smith mixes multiple genres in this new body of work, passing through installation, sculpture, text and performance in an ongoing struggle to search for meaning; any meaning. Through this exaggerated search the gallery is transformed into a landscape between places, a no-man’s land where the viewer enters into the same searching space as the artist, wandering amongst paper igloos, carpet stalactites and penguins.

“My recent practice has been an attempt to make artwork that has no pre-determined meaning, through a deliberate and continual shifting of genre. However, by attempting to avoid genre, escapism itself has indirectly become a visual theme behind much of my work. The exhibition as a whole is a reflection of the process of producing artwork: the fundamental human desire to find meaning, when perhaps this process is its own purpose, rather than any end product.”

Sandy Smith graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in June 2005 from the department of Fine Art Sculpture, receiving the Glasgow Sculpture Studios Scholarship. This annual award is given to a promising student to enable them to continue making work, giving them a year’s free studio space and culminating in a solo exhibition within the Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery.

Exhibition open Thurs-Sun, 12-5pm, or by appointment.

For further information or images, see www.sandysmith.co.uk


Sandy Smith