"The world is becoming better "
Solo exhibition @ The Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery
9-24th June, 2006





Junior Glasgow (Redistribution 1)

I started collecting the film 'Junior' around November 2005, initially with little or no intention of making it an artwork. The copies were bought from charity shops whenever I found one. However, as the collection began to take shape, and the exhibition drew nearer, I decided to collect seriously, and then exhibit the collection. Posters were placed around Glasgow, numerous posts were made on Freecycle, and every charity shop in Glasgow was telephoned.

The result of all this activity was a collection of 24 copies of the film, all on VHS. During the course of the exhibition visitors could borrow the film, and many did. People who had given me a copy, either through seeing the poster or freecycle, also came down to see the collection.


Text: Sandy Smith, 2006