'Please don't break my heart'
August 2007
Exhibited at "Poststuckism is the new black" exhibition at the Studio Warehouse Gallery, Glasgow.

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This work was made from around 100 sheets of super-white mounting board, super-glued together to create the 41 letters in the phrase "All the time I was making this I was thinking of you". Standing at over two meters tall, but only twelve centimetres deep, this precarious structure was supported by thin strips of wooden dowelling forming an unlikely-looking scaffolding.

And it was a little too unlikely looking. The structure was intended to be as precarious as possible but still stand, which allows for no human error. This is not the easiest thing to rule out at an exhibition opening, and towards the end of the night it was bumped into, and fell.

In case you are wondering when the photos were taken, the first four were taken immediately after it was finished, and hence all the setup equipment in background. The first photo, taken just prior to the opening, is the only photograph that exists of it standing in a clean exhibition space. I had, of course, planned to document it the following morning.


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