're-position: Sandy Smith'
April 2009
Solo exhibition at Princes Square, Glasgow


This exhibition was the end result of a staggered four week studio-project, working within a vacant shop unit inside Glasgow's Princes Square shopping centre (mall).

This idea sounded excellent to me, although I was considerably surprised by the scale of the unit - roughly 9500 square feet (880 sq m), and this was not helped by the fact I had to agree to a preview event in the space a mere two weeks after gaining access, before completing the final two weeks of studio time and opening the final exhibition.

The result, looking back, was a bit of a mixed bag. It was an opportunity to show several completed works made in the previous months that had not yet been shown in Glasgow, and a very small amount of time to make some work directly in relation to the space. These works were made in the more familiarly scale of the back rooms, although this meant that they were somewhat secondary to the finished works shown on the shop floor. However the more awkward/hidden aspect of these works compared to the bold, colourful statements on the shop floor played with this disjointed dialogue.

Click on the thumbnails opposite to view larger images of the work, and short descriptions of each specific piece.


Text: Sandy Smith, November 2009








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