'into the desert'
March 2010
Collaboration with Alex Gross at Infernoesque, Berlin


into the desert is the fifth collaborative exhibition made with German artist Alex Gross. The work was started with a period of collaborative drawing in the winter of 2009/2010, drawing on memories of our USA road trip project of summer 2008.

Through this process of drawing we recognised a series of objects that reoccurred – later named as the desert rose, the cactus, the tie-dye and the vase. It was then decided to attempt to make these objects in blown glass, as it had the right links to craft movements, hippy culture and a material connection to the deserts we were interested in.

The sculptures were imagined to be resting on a network of floating plateaus and ramps rising from the carpeted gallery floor. A suitably 70's shag-pile white carpet was chosen for the gallery, and the ramps were cut into this.

The glass sculptures were made at Sunderland University with the help of Jim Maskrey and at Edinburgh College of Art with the help of Ingrid Phillips.


Click on the thumbnails opposite to view larger images of the work, and short descriptions of each specific piece.


Text: Sandy Smith, March 2010








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