"Waiting for Recurrence"
Shown in 'Blockbuster' - solo exhibition at Crawl Gallery, Seattle
August 2008

This was the first exhibition in our collaboration, starting install a mere two weeks into the road trip. We had deliberately not talked about what we would make until we go to the gallery, then we spent one day looking over our drawings and making exploratory sculptures before coming up with the rough sketch for this exhibition.
A floating landscape of thick golden glitter over papier-maché stretches around the L-shaped space, meeting a large blue vinyl billboard stretching through the rear half of the room. A 60-minute looped video showing the gradual build-up and eruption of Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser, while the hubbub of expectant chatter and estimations of its eruption provide a soundtrack for the rest of the exhibition.



[above: publicity]
[left: review]