"New Work Scotland: Smith / Gross"
Solo exhibition at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. December 2008

This exhibition was the culmination of the collaboration. With the opening two months after we returned to Glasgow, we had plenty of time to talk over what we liked from the previous three exhibitions, but for the main installation we decided to re-attempt an on-site work that would address the video used in 'The object moved by its own success'. So once again we were faced with six days to attempt a monster install.

The first room is nearly filled by a large mountain/amorphous blob, created from papier-maché and topped with a thick swirling pattern of glitter. The performance-to-camera video from 'The objevt moved by its own success' is projected onto the end wall (see the Utah exhibition for a description of this video).

The second room is much quieter visually. Two rock/blob shapes made from solid cast black concrete share the floor space with the video used in 'Waiting for recurrence' (see the Seattle exhibition for this video's description).