"The object moved by its own success"
Central Utah Art Center, Utah. October 2008

The third and final exhibition of the road trip offered us a two-floor exhibition space in the small town of Ephraim, 2 hours south of Salt Lake City. The two room setup allowed us to expand and develop new works, but also review some of our favourite elements of our colaboration.

The main room plays host to a performance-to-camera video, shot in the Bonneville Salt Flats in the week prior to the exhibition. An hour-long shot of the landscape is interupted by the two artists entering the scene, filling a tie-dye t-shirt with wet clay, and tossing it back and forth until exhausted. Facing this video is a landscape / architectural assemblage designed to compliment the video. In a far corner three jawbreakers rest on a plinth, licked through to reveal their layers of colour.
Upstairs was a subtle combination of two works - the video from 'Waiting for recurrence', as shown in Seattle, and a foam-board and vinyl vortex.